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What Features Does Our Platform Offer?

PC App Demo – Event Day Management


Secure Data

All of the data that EPC captures is stored 100% in Australia and our system has been vetted by numerous cyber security experts!


Easily Enter Results on Any Device

This makes scoring courtside a breeze. Alternatively nominate a coach or supervising parent as a scorer!


Coming Soon!! Flexible Format Options

The new and improved EPC system allows for greater flexibility with formats. Choose from one of our default templates or create your own!


Coming Soon!! Event Metrics & Insights

The EPC platform allows Hosts to generate reports from all their tournaments that give them insights into the relevant statistics that come with running events.


Easily Create and Publish Tournaments

The EPC platform allows Hosts to easily create events and publish them on the event calendar for the whole EPC platform to see!


Improved Communication

EPC allows the event organiser to easily communicate with participants through our platform! 


Coming Soon!! Stripe Integration

EPC is utilising the proven Stripe payment management system. This makes managing the money side of things effortless.


Coming Soon!! Easily Seed Formats

The presence of every players EPC allows for Hosts to seed formats. Our default templates do this automatically!

EPC App Demo for Operators

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