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Our Story

EPC Sports Founder Chris Williams has been passionately working in the junior tennis space in Australia for more than 30 years.  He has been a coach, PE teacher and operator of a successful tennis school in Sydney.  Chris has been advocating to improve the culture and overall experience of junior tennis for many years.  He recognised early that no clear pathway existed for junior players to develop their skills.  Kids would turn up for a lesson midweek but have nowhere to play a purposeful match.  He also saw the challenges facing coaches, centres and schools to organise junior tennis tournaments and that they were not working collaboratively on behalf of the young players.  

So in 2019, Chris founded EPC Sports to solve these problems and to redefine junior tennis in Australia.  After several successful pilot events, EPC was getting fantastic feedback from the community but of course could not launch officially until 2022 due to the Covid pandemic.  EPC Sports is now here and set up to improve the experience of junior tennis for players, parents, coaches, centres, schools and associations.  The innovative EPC platform offers tournament organisers a fantastic management system to be able to plan and promote their events, reduce their admin time and costs and be able to rate their players effectively.  Players can now enjoy more fun, fast and fair matches thanks to our unique 'best of points' match format.  Kids will be more evenly matched against their opponents and with our obective player rating system, they will be able to track their own progress as they develop and advance through the red, orange and green colour ball levels.  EPC Sports provides the ideal pathway for junior tennis players to develop and enjoy their tennis, working their way up to the UTR system at the yellow ball level.  

Our Mission

To provide a platform and pathway to encourage greater participation in grassroots sports

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